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Red Dragon Organics has a rich local history stretching back 30 years.

Motivated by a strong commitment to providing healthy certified organic drinks and supporting local organic farmers.

Red Dragon Organics started 30 years ago at local farmers markets. In 2003, Red Dragon began to supply an Organic Ginger Beer to local retail outlets. The delicious and nutritious turmeric Living Elixir, was launched in 2011, soon followed by our Sugar Free Living Elixir.

In 2016 the business was purchased by The Delicious and Nutritious Food Company Pty Ltd (part of Oliver’s Real Food) trading as Red Dragon Organics and continues the ethos of Ethics and Sustainability in Action while offering people a clean, high quality, locally sourced, nutritious product.

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Phone: 02 4353 8055Email:  Address: 10 Amsterdam Circuit, Wyong NSW 2259

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