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Dear Richard,

Just delivering on my promise to write an endorsement of your Living Elixir drink.

I have been drinking your elixir for about 5-6 weeks and right from the start I noticed obvious health benefits...

I am 64 years young, but suffered a serious knee injury as a 20 year old playing Aussie rules football. I had surgery I 1972 prior to arthroscopic techniques being used in Australia and have experienced progressively worsening osteo-arthritis ever since.

Whilst the elixir has not changed the nature of my condition my daily dose of debilitating pain has diminished remarkably and consistently due to the anti-inflammatory qualities of the turmeric. I've tried countless other supplements but never achieved the relief the elixir gives me...

Other positive changes are that my benign prostatitis has dramatically improved so that I can sleep through the night rather than get up multiple times to urinate.

Also noticeable is that my hair which has been largely dormant growth-wise for years has thickened and is flourishing in the last few weeks: All that’s new in my diet in that time is the elixir. As an absolute bonus, I love, love, love the taste of Living Elixir!



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