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A year ago a friend bought me a bottle of your produce and I was blown away with the crispness, the burn and the ginger hit and uplifting experience of consuming your product without that sugary aftertaste of others in the market. Although I know shelf life might be a downfall on taking on the supermarket shelf I have looked everywhere in my area in Brisbane for your product. It is definately upmarket, unique and a master draft.

A friend bought another bottle for me this weekend whilst down south at a market yesterday and you are still the best. I have travelled Europe, Asia, Australia etc and sampled many ginger beer products and yours is far superior to any I have tasted. I have also experimented with different brews over the years and none come close to the experiential aspects of your beverage. So keep your secret safe mate, its magic. It could even be classed as medicinal.

Who needs Red Bull, Energy drinks, echinacea and vitamin B's and C's and all the rest to brighten the day to lift the immune system and make you feel good. Love the burn, taste and natural bubble. In the old days you guys used to be called master brewers. Keep up the good work. I understand the complications of logistics aside and the tightness of supermarkets and shops and shelf life but you have a really high quality product. Maybe, exclusive city outlets could be an outlet or Byron Bay etc. Markets can be a pain in the ass as slow to move big quantities but there are people out here who support quality and brilliance! You are on a winner! I Have consumed many different varieties and yours is top of the pops to what a ginger beer should be! Thank you for keeping the faith of master brewing!

Yours sincerely

Michael Begley

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