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Yet another testimony to the healing affects of your Elixir. A week or so ago I was getting a cold. Just as I had done with each onset of the flu since I met you and the Elixir at the Organic Expo last year, I drank a total of 8 glasses of that liquid gold over an 18 hour period. And Voila!!! By mid morning the next day the infection was gone. Bright as a button once more. Feeling like one very lucky girl. Colds become bronchitis and weeks off work for me.

10 years ago, while holidaying in New Zealand, Mal and I contracted a type of flu that shuts down the organs within a 24 hour period and its bye bye. In the week that we were there, unbeknownst to us till later, that flu ended the lives of hundreds of 'healthy' people of all age groups in that one week alone. We weren't surprised. It was my first experience of the flu. I would have to get the doozy deadly one. During my experience of it, I felt the life force leaving my organs. Bit by bit they were slowing down. By the time they were on the verge of grinding to a complete halt, losing all their lifeforce, I was ready. Welcoming death as an escape from feeling so indescribably retched. At the point of the organs nearly lifeless, I get (born clairvoyant/clairsentiant) that death wasn't going to happen. I was too ill to feel disappointed. Or glad. To feel anything but a mindless acceptance that I'll be laying there, enduring, until I felt better. For three days and three nights no sleep, food or water. It felt like three very long miserable years. When we were able to surface four days later - just - we were as fragile as some 100+ year olds look. Ultimately, it took almost a year to fully recover.

In the last ten years I've had the flu three times since. Each time I was off work for weeks. Those flu's triggered bronchitis and whooping cough. Compared to that New Zealand flu, these experiences seemed like a walk in the park. A realisation that entered my mind many times during them. As did the feeling of absolute gratitude that I could actually sleep. Watch DVD's or read n sleep while laying out in my hammock under a doona, warmed by the sun. Nothing but unsconsciouness would have created any semblence of comfort with that NZ flu the first week or so.

Then hallalujia, at the organic expo in Sydney last year I meet you and your wonderful Elixir.As a clairvoyant/clairsentient who has always felt the vibration of everything including food produced products keenly. Who's life long diet has always been filled with food that is as nutrient rich food as is possible and 'vibrationally' beneficial (anything less makes me feel ill or sleepy), the 'beneficial, pick me, I'm really great' vibration of your Elixir stood out. So excited I purchased a couple of bottles. Would have bought more if we could have at the time. A week or so later, I felt myself coming down with the flu again. Desperate to diminish the symptoms, to avoid weeks off work, searching the fridge/cupboards for something that might help, I get a message from my unseen helpers to drink at least five glasses of your Elixir that day. By the evening I was feeling much better. Three more glasses throughout the next morning and by the early afternoon the flu symptoms were gone. That was astonishing for me to say the least. A few months later the same thing happened again. The Elixir headed another bout of flu off at the pass. Incredible!!!

Since then we've had a couple of 'colds'. Our experience of the Elixir in the case of a cold coming on, is that rather than it stopping it in its tracks, it diminishes the symptoms. Where once we would have had constant runny or blocked noses preventing a full nights sleep, eyes watering, coughing up heaps of mucous and feeling lousy/tired. With frequent drinks of the Elixir, we have restful full nights sleep, we're not keeping the tissue manufacturers in business. Rare moments of blocked nostrils. The occasional need to use a tissue and a slight feeling of tired. No feeling lousy. What a bonus!!!

As such, it's a joy and an honour to be in a position to offer the Elixir as an opportunity to people. Gladly display the A4 poster and the enticing brochures.

All the best Richard.

Your Elixir's number one fan!!! Sandra Arundale

23 March 2012

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