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Just wanted to report (publicly) about your new Elixer. It is fantastic ! Tastes wonderful, and fixed poor Benny Zable’s nose at The Channon Market in April, he’d been sneezing on and off all day, and looking pretty miserable. Didn’t feel like a cold starting, and didn’t respond to homeopathic histamine or even Anti-histamine (Drugs! to Benny !!) hehe.. and so just before we’d finished packing up we gave Benny a cup of Tumeric Ginger Beer Elixer, and it ‘fixed his nose irritation almost immediately!

Richard had said to me “Check how you are feeling before you drink it and then afterward, see if you feel any different”. Well I have been suffering unexplainable exhaustion/ fatigue for the past 3 or more years. I operate on call, on my adrenals I think, and am exhausted for far longer than I ever used to be, after doing the Chai Tent at market (often a 17 hour day including the travel time). After drinking quite a lot of my first bottle that day, I didn’t feel tired the next day, or I should say I just felt the more normal feeling of slight tiredness from a big day, and not my total exhaustion for 1-2 days or more... I have bought a second bottle from my local supplier in Murwillumbah, and they added their thoughts of being a Miracle drink. They have tried it themselves and have heard the responses of their customers.

Well Done! Congratulations on another wonderful product!!

Meggan Jack - 20 April 2012

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