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Bonfire Hot Yoga, with three studios in Brisbane, offers world class Hot Yoga, Chiropractic care and Massage. Having well over 3000 yogis and Chiropractic patients visiting our sites each week, we also educate our clients about whole food nutrition. Having long known the amazing healing benifits of ginger and turmeric, when we discovered Red Dragon Organics Living Elixir, we immediately began selling it at all our sites. Having met the Red Dragon Team personally and having the opportunity to witness the exceptional standard, love and care taken to prepare this wonderful elixir, it didn't surprise me in the least to see it had won the 'best organic consumer choice award'. We sell only the best products to our clients and this elixir remains one of our first choices. 

10 June 2015

Aaron, Studio Manager

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Phone: 02 4353 8055Email:  Address: 10 Amsterdam Circuit, Wyong NSW 2259

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