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We are deeply committed to you accessing your optimal health and wellbeing.

To help you be the best you can be we:

  • Only use certified organic ingredients
  • Hand make in small batches 
  • Cold press juicing to retain higher nutritional value and avoid oxidation 
  • No artificial additives such as colours, flavours, stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives 
  • Make your drinks with people that give positive energy and awareness to what they are doing
  • Made the bubbles from natural fermentation. It's alive and unpasteurised. 


Fermented Beverages

The art of fermentation is an integral part of our brewing process. Not only does it carbonate our brew but also enhances the nutritional qualities of our organic ingredients.

Health benefits of fermentation include:

  • Restores gut health: The lactic acid produced during fermentation promotes the growth of healthy flora in the intestine.
  • Increases Vitamin A and Vitamin C levels: Lactic acid enhances a foods digestibility and increases vitamin C and vitamin A levels.
  • Helps remove toxins from the body: Fermentation breaks down the nutrients in foods by the action of beneficial microorganisms and create natural chelators that are available to bind toxins and remove them from the body.
  • It has cancer-fighting properties: Fermented foods are rich in Vitamin K2 and studies have shown that increased intake of Vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Helps you absorb nutrients better: When your gut flora is out of whack you don’t absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat. Fermented beverages produce the digestive enzymes which ensure you get the most nutrients out of all foods you ingest.
  • It supports our immune function: Some experts consider the gut to be the largest immune organ in the body. The chronic inflammation linked to diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes can begin with dysfunctional gut microbiota.


The fermentation process is a particularly important component of our turmeric Living Elixir as it increases the bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric. Studies show positive health benefits of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. It's the curcumin that is transformed through digestion into different forms known as metabolites. There are many ways to increase in bioavailability of curcumin in turmeric, some people use black pepper, oil, or heat. At Red Dragon Organics we have chosen to increase absorption through fermentation. This also provides the unique delicious Red Dragon flavour.

In bottle fermentation

All our drinks are fermented in the bottle they come in. To maintain the goodness of the cold pressed, raw juices, we do not pasteurise, heat treat or use chemical preservatives. Instead we ferment the drinks to preserve them, but while the yeasts are busy converting sugars to bubbles the pressure can build up inside the bottle. We have to use BPA free plastic bottles as they can give a little under pressure and will never burst or break. We consider it a small compromise in order to give you the raw, cold pressed exceptional quality of the ingredients. 

That's why our live & unpasteurised bottles of sunshine can only come in a BPA free, recyclable (made in Australia) plastic bottle.

Fermentation is also why we use some kind of sugar in all our drinks. The Sugar Free Living Elixir is made with just enough honey to keep the yeasts happy and give it a gentle sparkle. Raw organic honey also has health benefits, check out Our Ingredients page for more. 


Our drinks are not just about Our Ingredients. We are also passionate about what is not in them.

Red Dragon Organics drinks are made only with real ingredients. It's all we need to make our drinks delicious and good for you. There are no additives, preservatives, colours, artificial sweeteners or flavours. 

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100% Certified Organic Ingredients – Certified Organic Process – Gluten Free - Independent - Ethical - Australian Made – Australian Grown – Australian Owned

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