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Our drinks are designed with your health in mind. We want to improve your nutritional intake, your level of energetic health, and your immune system with real, nutritionally dense ingredients.  

We only use 100% certified organic ingredients


Turmeric - Curcuma longa
The ancient root of longevity. One of planet Earth’s most transformative and healing plants. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, providing protection against a variety of diseases commonly experienced during ageing. Enhances detoxification, aids digestion, especially of fats, through increased bile production in the liver. Very high in minerals especially iron, manganese, zinc, potassium and magnesium and vitamins C and E.



Ginger - Zingeber Officionale
An anti-inflammatory acting symbiotically with turmeric. Aids digestion and is great for all forms of nausea, relieving digestive disturbances. Boost to overall immune system and general feeling of wellbeing. Ginger also contains Vitamins A, B complex and Vitamin C as well as minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Sodium, Potassium and magnesium.



Lemon Juice
Freshly squeezed Certified Organic lemon juice comes from some very local organic farms. It is used in all our drinks to balance flavour and acidity and make the most of the vitamin C and has antioxidant properties.




Raw Honey 
Natural, raw honey is an anti-oxidant and one of the only alkaline forming sweeteners. We believe that by supporting Australian organic raw honey producers we are supporting the bee populations that in turn support our entire ecosystem.


raw suger

Raw Sugar 
If we could get certified organic Australian sugar, we would buy it at any cost. It simply doesn't exist. We use Certified Organic raw cane sugar from certified fair trade sustainable farms in South America.  Sugar is necessary for the yeast to eat as well as supplying sweetness, for which the minimum necessary is used.




Ginkgo Biloba - Ginkgo biloba
A potent antioxidant, Ginkgo helps to improve peripheral blood flow, especially to the brain where it both protects and promotes memory and mental function. Its reputed ability to improve circulation may help reduce macular degeneration, reduce depression in the elderly, reduce impotency, and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.




Brahmi - Bacopa monnieri
Traditionally used to support and improve all aspects of mental function, including comprehension, memory and ready-recall, by enhancing the crucial coordination of these three aspects of mental function. Works synergistically with Gotu Kola, enhancing stamina and endurance. Credited with improving intelligence and memory, decreasing senility and ageing, and promoting longevity.



Gotu Kola - Centella asiatica
Recommended for combatting nervous disorders, senility and premature ageing. As a brain tonic, Gotu Kola is said to aid intelligence, memory and attention span. Reputed to strengthen the adrenal glands whilst cleansing the blood to treat skin impurities. Used to energise the central nervous system and rebuild energy reserves. Anti-oxidant. Enhances circulation. These three herbs are noted Ayurvedic herbs for mental energy.


grander water starGrander Water
The therapeutic benefits of the turmeric and ginger and the bioavailability of their nutrients are accentuated by the action of 'Grander' energised water. The Grander process changes the inner structure of water, returning the water molecules to a highly ordered state making it more stable. Revitalising water to its natural state results in reduced surface tension, greater dissolving power and maintained availability of dissolved oxygen. This means that Grander energised water increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and minerals that are available to the body, and these are more effectively transported into the body's cells.



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