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Access the power of turmeric!


We created the Living Elixir to give you daily access to the powers of fresh organic turmeric.

Living Elixir is a purposefully created elixir of health... an elixir of life! It is a fermented and 'living', hand crafted turmeric ginger beer with herbal infusions of ginkgo, brahmi and gotu kola.

This potent, innovative raw tonic is designed for the maintenance of optimum health and vitality. For your body, brain and energetic state.

Our award winning Living Elixir contains an array of the highest quality certified organic ingredients, each with their own nutritional and health values, blended together in a synergistic elixir of health and vitality which can boost your sense of inner strength and wellbeing.

Firstly, we cold press juice Australian certified organic turmeric, ginger and lemons and blend these cold pressed juices with herbal infusions of certified organic ginkgo, brahmi and gotu kola. Nutrient absorption is boosted by both fermentation and the use of 'Grander' energised water.

See Health & Nutrition page for more information about each ingredient

Our original Living Elixir is fermented with raw organic sugar and raw organic honey. Sugars are an essential part of the fermentation process; they create the fizz and naturally enhance the ginger and turmeric flavours. The Original Living Elixir has only 7.2gms of sugar per 100ml, but if you need to avoid cane sugar altogether then the Sugar Free Living Elixir is for you!

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100% Certified Organic Ingredients – Certified Organic Process – Gluten Free - Independent - Ethical - Australian Made – Australian Grown – Australian Owned


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