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Orange Blossom & Turmeric Martini


This delicious cocktail was created by Jackie at Black Sombrero Taqueria & Tequileria in Lismore as a special creative collaboration with us for Sample Food Festival in Bangalow. It is delightfully fruity but earthy and just simply delicious. Here is how you can re-create it at home.

30ml Antigua Cruz Anejo Tequila
15ml Grand Marnier Cognac Liqueur
15ml agave syrup or sugar syrup
10 mint leaves, lightly crushed
Dash orange blossom water
45ml Red Dragon Organics Living Elixir

In a shaker combine Antigua Cruz tequila, Grand Marnier and agave syrup. Lightly crush the mint in your palms by clapping a few times. Add to shaker. Top with ice and shake well.

In a martini glass add dash of orange blossom water. Swirl to coat the inside of the glass. Strain mixture from shaker into glass and top with Red Dragon Organics Living Elixir.

Garnish with a sprig of mint and a twist of orange if desired.


Love a Local Lemon

Peter, our local lemon farmer

Peter, our local lemon farmer

Citrus is still in season (how perfect of nature to deliver all the fruity vitamin C for our winter sniffles) but as we come near the end of our local season, we are busy stockpiling for the summer. You see, we do something a bit unusual. We source our lemons from a local certified organic farm, Koonorigan Organics, located just 27 kms down the road. We then juice enough lemons to last us until next year so we don’t have to truck less than fresh lemons from around Australia when they are out of season.

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