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australian business awards finalist Red Dragon Organics

I’m excited. Red Dragon Organics has been announced as a finalist in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards.  What does this mean for the future of business, the world and everything in between? Actually quite a lot, let me explain.

My dad started this business 12 years ago when he came to the realisation that living in paradise on his isolated organic farm with rainforest and waterfalls actually wasn’t going to save the world. So this idealistic hippy decided to come down from his mountain and start an ethical business to sell healthy, naturally fermented ginger beers and to support local organic farmers by buying their produce. Unfortunately back then there wasn’t such an appreciation for the extra efforts and costs in organic agriculture, let alone the health benefits of slow fermentation or cold pressed juice. This was where we started though and struggled for a long time, until people started asking more questions about how their purchases impacted the planet.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and believe in us. This incredible support is a constant reminder to me that people care. People care about where their food comes from and what impact we are having on the earth. People appreciate that we do business differently. Our reputation for ethical transparency is paying off and we are reaping the social and economic rewards from our business integrity. As you are consciously choosing which companies to support and investing your time into researching how things are made, the whole business world is responding and changing to meet your demands. It is working. The movement is growing. And we are seeing that how we spend our money is in fact a powerful way to change the world.

I hope that as our small ethical business has been recognised by the Telstra Business Awards, other businesses will be inspired to find new and different ways of operating. From redesigning their business around creative solutions in response to major ethical and environmental issues, knowing that you will support them. The potential for business to positively impact the earth and our quality of life is enormous and with your support can also be a viable business model.

This excites me.

xxx Katrina



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